K and B Cleanup Services, Inc provides Professional Mortgage Field Services in NE Florida- and has for the past 15+ years.

We provide full service pre-sale preservation services including securing , repairs , initial and recurring lawn and maintenace.

We provide full service REO and post-sale services,  including trash outs , debris removal,  lawn and landscaping , sales cleaning and pool services.

We work for multiple National Asset Management Companies, National Investors and Local Realtors and Attorneys. We are knowledgeable in the proper handling of Government Sponsored and Insured Loans , including timelines , the use of allowables , bid processes , reporting and photograph requirements.

Services are provided by our employees alongside our team of contracted trade professionals. All staff and contractors with access are subjected to professional and criminal screening . We are hands on managers of the properties assigned to us. We make daily quality assurance and supervisory visits to work sites , we provide interior and exterior scope and condition inspections and reports. We communicate with Property Manager's and Realtors to ensure any condition issue that may hinder sale or conveyance is serviced and cured quickly. 

We understand the administrative and reporting requirements in the industry is immense. We  work with our clients and individual property managers - altering our procedures and processes to best serve their needs. We often purchase and use industry specific software and online services to best serve our clients.

Our service area is limited to Duval, Clay, Baker, Nassau and Saint John’s counties of Florida only. Daily travel to the worksites to check the progress of ongoing projects and to perform quality assurance checks of completed projects, limits our service area. 

Requestd for bids / proposals with photos and inspection details are provided typically within 24-48 hours of receipt.

If you require a RUSH service for any reason - please do not hesiate to call, if possible we will provide the proposal  before close of business.

​Professional Mortgage Field and REO Services 

Mortgage Field Services

Home Repair and Maintenance

Rental and Property Management